This little corner of heaven on earth consists of one beautiful stone house built by the architect Mr. Hüsmen Ersöz as well as four stand-alone rooms and a pool, designed by Mr. Roni Ruso.

While resting within the white dressed walls you will feel the comfort of being away from the city and the peace of waking up to a fresh smelling morning. Once you step out of it – that is, if you should ever want to – the joy of swimming with fish and the satisfaction of having a delicious dinner will make you truly, profoundly happy… 



If you should by any chance end up in Ayvacık, a stop by the Eren Konukevi who sings his guests to sleep all year through is a must; just like taking a deep breath by Sinem’s favorite jasmine, trying some of the food Altuğ prepares with outmost care, giving – or even better receiving – a good night kiss from their little daughter Mira and letting yourself fall into the soft and peaceful arms of the night here in Eren Konukevi.

Sosyal Medya